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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Principles and Guidelines of Attitudinal Healing

 Estelle Seltzer is a member of our loving heart connection group on Facebook.  She has written this poem about Attitudinal Healing.  Hope you enjoy.

                   The Principles & Guidelines of Attitudinal Healing

                  The principles and guidelines of Attitudinal Healing
                  Are very much the same
                  Overlapping in their meaning
                  Makes for a fun and interesting game
                  Of attempting different interpretations
                  From the Attitudinal Healing group
                  Not giving advice but sharing examples
                  While staying within the loop
                  Remember we are students and teachers to one another
                  Being interchangeable we receive and we give
                  The message we always want to convey is
                  Having inner peace is the only way to live
                  Being able to maintain our well being means living in the now
                  The principles and guidelines of Attitudinal Healing
                  Have the tools to show you how
                  Make a habit of practicing the principles & guidelines
                  And in a very short time you will see
                  The benefits of experiencing inner peace
                  Remember Attitudinal Healing is the key

                                                      Estelle Seltzer



  1. I've always felt that attitude is extremely important. I loved that poem! Thank you.

    White Feather News

  2. You can read more of Estelle Seltzer's poetry at-

  3. Thanks for your kind sentiments and support!