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Friday, March 4, 2011

Refocusing the Mind

This is an article which I wrote a while ago.  The more I know about the power of the mind, the more I appreciate reviewing this and becoming inspired all over again.  I've found our minds to be our greatest instrument and as I work with mine, I keep discovering new miracles.  Hope this is helpful.  Please offer comments and tell us any stories you have from your own lives about how you used your minds successfully and satisfyingly.

Refocusing the Mind

            As the cold, quiet winter encompasses me, I look out my window into the bright sun as it spreads its rays over the soft, white snow.  Although spring is just over yonder, the winter stillness is ever present, encircling me in the depths of her long, white robes.  This is a day to be alone, to be thoughtful and ponder the circumstances of my life and the lives of those close to me.  In such solitude, I used to struggle in a depressed state.  Tears would come to my eyes and a grief and sadness, which I didn’t understand, crept through my being like an ominous cloud, sending its gray and dreary droplets into my holy space.  My emotions were simply dark and unmanageable.
            But now I realize that all things are perfect and that nothing occurs without having meaning and offering a lesson or two to be learned.  I’ve found that the trick is to refocus the mind on the positive effects of a situation rather than on the darkness of the pain.  Out of all pain comes strength of character, a step toward higher spiritual evolution.  I know now that the more we are aware of this, the quicker we are able to transcend the pain and feel the peace within.
            How do we refocus our thoughts and our energy?  The first step is to strongly affirm that we are willing and ready to do so.  This sets in motion a directive to the Divine Universe that we’re “ready to roll” toward seeing things in a much improved fashion.  Once the Universe hears that motivation and willingness are present, it begins a restructuring of circumstances in our lives to enable us to use our energy in a more beneficial way.
            Secondly, we become quiet or still in our minds.  We can accomplish this in different ways.  We can sit, lie down or walk slowly.  Then we begin to breathe deeply, mentally observing our breath.  Or we can chant a mantra or stare at an object, picture or some creation of nature.  As we become more and more relaxed, we ask the Universe to nourish our questioning soul by bringing clarity to our situation.  What is it we are to learn now?  What are the steps we must take that will bring us peaceful resolution to this problem?  I often repeat the words, “Show me, show me the way.”
            Answers come in many ways, but first remember we are concerned with refocusing our thoughts on something positive rather than the pain or the negative.   Any answer that brings with it a disturbing or uncomfortable feeling is not the answer we are looking for. Answers from the true Divine Source will always carry with them a sense of peace, knowingness or understanding about the situation.  These are the answers we want.
            We can hear our answer in soft words spoken in our thoughts, pictures or images that we see within the mind’s eye or as some sort of sign or symbol in our outer environment.  A sign may come in many forms such as a phone call, a newspaper ad or article or a happening.  The idea is to be as aware as possible, for whenever we ask for guidance, we cannot fail to receive it.  We just need to observe closely.
            A woman once asked for clarity about what her next step of growth was to be.  Very soon afterward, a friend called to tell her of a class she’d heard about.
            A man asked for a way to learn to concentrate better.  Before long, he found himself drawn to a particular bookstore.  Of course, once inside the store, one of the first books he saw on display was all about improving concentration.
            Another woman asked why she had not been feeling well and what she could do about it.  That afternoon, her child brought home a school project involving road signs.  The cover of the child’s project said, “To Mom” with a road sign “GO SLOW” drawn on the front.  The mother instantly realized she had been moving too fast and trying to do too many things.  Once she slowed down, she began to feel better.
            As mentioned above, the answer can also come in the form of words or symbols.  A young man asked for information regarding what he should do about a young lady he was interested in.  In his meditation, he saw in his mind’s eye, liquid gold spilling from his mouth.  He interpreted this to mean being honest and stating his true feelings to this woman.  As he proceeded to do this, the relationship blossomed.
            An older woman grieved the death of her husband and asked how long she would have to be miserable.  In her meditation, she saw 3 calendar months presented to her and heard the words, “May, June and July.”  She joined a grief group for the summer months and by August she indeed felt much better. 
            I think answers can come in many different forms.  The significance of this is what we want to be aware of.  When we begin the journey of refocusing the mind, sometimes it seems difficult, almost impossible.  But if we stick to it, affirming our willingness and determination to see things differently, whole new areas for ponderance or thought open up to us.  It is then that we are refocused.  The pain becomes a thing of the past and peace and harmony are ours once again.  Remember, nothing happens without meaning.  Everything that happens to us has a lesson associated with it and uncomfortable feelings can be a wonderful trigger for moving us through our lessons.  So the next time you have a bad day, try to look with excitement at all the new doors that can open for you.  Misery becomes joy when we refocus our mind, adopting a higher view of the matter at hand.


  1. This is beautifully written and so wise... I agree that the universe is always answering us and in many ways. I sometimes forget to remember that messages from the universe are always loving so your article is a good reminder to keep listening until the right loving message comes.

    Penny Golden

  2. Penny, Thanks so much for your comment. I generally feel some sort of a "knowingness" when I get inner direction. It feels just "right." I just have to trust it. Loving you, Laurie

  3. This article benefited me very much this morning. Thank you, Laurie!!! I have been doing some VERY difficult work tough loving my 20 year-old son who is struggling with drugs and addiction. Sometimes the parental guilt and pain I feel just spins me out and, before I know it, I'm almost paralyzed and unable to function. I'm getting good direction from my Nar-Anon family, but I'm not refocusing my mind and slowing down enough to let it in. Laurie, thank you for your sweet, simple, powerful words that were able to penetrate my pain and "stuckness". Your use of concrete imagery (with the snow and such) is what really helped. God bless you and your ministry, Laurie. You are appreciated.


  4. Rhett, My heart goes out to you. Thanks so much for sharing here. I'm glad my words can help.