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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Abraham's Teachings

            Lately, as I’ve been listening to Abraham (Esther and Jerry Hicks), I’ve become so inspired at times, that I lay in bed in the middle of the night, going over and over in my mind how incredible these teachings are, and how we can each create exactly what we want to see happen in our lives!  Each aspect of my life flashes in front of me – all my dreams and hopes and wishes, and I am beginning to see that I have already made great progress toward life goals I held long ago, even as a young child.
            I remember when young, wishing to be peaceful and then somehow being a force for peace in the world.  I recall wanting the world and my family to awaken – to cut out the fighting and recognize that peace was the only way.  And I recollect desiring to see the good in everyone and everything, and loving from deep in my heart.  I wished everyone was out of pain and able to love deeply also.  Funny thing is  . . . . . I find myself wishing the same thing now, only now I feel so much more able to do something about it, and to offer something substantial to others, whereas when I was young, I felt only confused, unhappy and inept.  I guess that must be a sign that I’ve come a distance since then.
            Long ago I had not the foggiest notion of how our thoughts play such an important role in creating our lives.  Not only did I feel as if I had no control over my thoughts, but I had no understanding whatsoever of the power I had within me to manage and choose my thoughts.  Little by little, through education and practice, I’ve been learning that I’m in charge of where I put my focus and that I’m perfectly capable of developing greater mastery over this.
            By listening to Abraham’s teachings repetitively, being mindful, mindful, mindful, and practicing, practicing, practicing, I’m realizing that the mind is indeed a powerful instrument and if it’s peace I’m wanting to create, it’s all doable within the confines of the mind.  I’m learning that anytime I’m feeling poorly, I can reach for a thought that feels better than the one I’m having.  And the more I do this, the more empowered I feel.
            I’m trying out new concepts, experimenting with such thoughts as, “You are a God-Form; I am a God-Form.”  “You no longer are named _____________, just Divine Spirit.”  “We are One in the same.”  “I honor you and recognize the God in you.”  “I honor me and recognize the God in me.”  And for a time period each day, I contemplate this new way of seeing.  It’s truly a joy to feel connected – to feel our unity as Divine source energy (as Abraham would say).  It’s this practice of contemplating life in this way that’s changing me, from the inside out, and I’m hoping that I will feel as if I’ve been a real force for good before I leave this place.  I’m truly grateful for these teachings, as I continue to discover that whatever I give my attention to, creates, and that if I don’t like what I’m creating, I can switch course with the thoughts I choose.     

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